Sidra Muntaha

sid profileI am an Entrepreneur and Business Consultant based in San Francisco providing sales and business development services on the West Coast.

Some of my prior assignments with early stage startups:

  1. Wefunder (Y-combinator startup): acquired 6,000 new subscribers when the company was only 6 months old, and consisted of 3 founders only; build partnerships with C-level executives (CEOs, VCs, startup founders, etc).
  2. LabMinds Inc. (Oxford University startup): helped establish first office in the USA; prepared the first list of interested customers when the product (Revo) was still under manufacturing; managed operations and office in the absence of the CEO; researched the best and cheapest validation plan to perform in house testing.

Events I helped organize in 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  1. “What’s hot in the Bay Area Biotech?” by Xconomy (Dec): ~200 attendees at UCSF, San Francisco.
  2. The Startup Conference (May): ~1500 attendees at the Fox Theater, Redwood City.
  3. SVOD Startup Investment Conference (May): ~1500 attendees at Computer History Museum, Mountain View.


  • PhD in Microbial Molecular Genetics from the University of Birmingham, UK; 4 publications from PhD work; presented research findings in international conferences.
  • Recipient of the Darwin Trust of Edinburgh Fellowship 2005 (3-5 recipients worldwide each year) –£80K ($160K; covered tuition fee and living expenses during PhD) at age 22.
  • Prior business development assignments with 2 notable startups: Y Combinator’s Wefunder and Oxford University’s LabMinds Inc.
  • Lived on 3 continents (Asia, Europe and USA); speak 5 languages: English, French (intermediate level, DELF B1 diploma by self studying), Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.
  • Self-taught oil painter and photographer (SidraArt -as of now, 20K followers on Instagram).
  • Software engineering by self-study (in progress): built; currently  working on a new project.